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The BSA Issues 2nd Yearly Global Cloud Computing Scorecard

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The software alliance group, BSA, recently released its 2nd annual cloud computing scorecard, which ranks 24 of the world’s top players in the industry in order of the most prepared to develop the technology on a international range. Making up at least 80% of the globe’s IT market, these 24 nations each represent a diverse approach on cloud computing technologies, positioning some for longterm success and some for stagnancy.

The set of guidelines that the BSA considered while grading each country’s position on cloud computing are its individual stance on cybercrime, cyber security, privacy, free-trade, and its physical broadband infrastructure.

The technology policy counsel at the BSA, Chris Hopfensperger, made a comment on the progress made since the release of last year’s global cloud-computing scorecard, calling it “patchy,” but stated that the BSA remains hopeful that the cloud-inhibiting legislation that exists today will eventually be overtaken by the good kind of statutes that promotes the expansion of reliable cloud hosting technologies.

Who Landed At the Top of the List?

For the second time in as many years, Japan has scored the best marks with the BSA. The BSA calls Japan’s cloud climate the “friendliest environment for cloud providers” thanks to the country’s rate of broadband adoption as well as its increasingly rigid provisions against cybercrime and commitment to user security and privacy.

Coming in at close second, Australia’s clear-cut cloud policies secured its place from last year. The US took 3rd place from Germany for its advancements in the private cloud sector. Experts at the BSA stated that the switch was not owing to any particular legislation, but to US cloud providers individually.

And the winners are…

1. Japan

2. Australia

3. United States

4. Germany

5. Singapore

Germany’s drop to 4th is attributed to “potentially restrictive privacy laws, protectionist policies,” while Singapore leapt up five slots thanks in part to a recent data privacy law that took effect since the previous scorecard was released in 2012.

The Countries That Need Improvement

Of the 24 countries considered, these 5 scored the lowest marks:

1. South Africa

2. Indonesia

3. Brazil

4. Thailand

5. Vietnam

These 5 countries scored low in the areas of data and user privacy, data security, their free-trade policies or lack of, and their inability or lack of cooperation in conforming with global cloud standards.

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