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How to “Level-Up” Your Guest Posting Efforts

Guest posting is one of the techniques of the Internet marketing that you can use to attract more traffic to your website. There are, however, a few considerations you need to make so that the effort is beneficial to you. First, you should consider whether that particular blog is related to yours. For instance, if you run a website selling jewelry, you can consider guest blogging for a fashion blog. The readers of that blog may be interested in jewels to accessorize and they will follow the link to your site.

The next consideration is the ranking of the blog. You do not need to waste your content on a blog that has no readership. This can be established through a variety of means. There are web metrics tools that are used to rank a site by calculating the number of visitors as well as the level of interaction. A blog that has many views and many comments will be more beneficial to your Internet marketing strategy. You can also review the quality of the content on the blog to determine whether it matches the standards you would like.


Once you are satisfied that the blog can help your Internet marketing efforts, you can then contact the moderator and request to do a post for the site. You should seek to get as many details as possible. This includes the word count, the title or topic that should be covered as well as when the article should be submitted. You can then write the requested article and submit. The article should be of a high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors. It is important to know that not all bloggers may be receptive to the idea and you are more likely to have success with bloggers you already know.

Once your guest post goes live, the Internet marketing does not stop there. You need to promote it. You can post links to it on your social media profiles and bookmark it on other sites like Delicious and Digg. This will drive more traffic to the blog and hence more attention to your post and eventual visits to your site. It is also possible that when the blog owner sees your marketing efforts and the traffic it generates his blog, he will be more likely to invite you for further guest posts. Guest posting should therefore not be done for the sake of it but there needs to be considerations on what is beneficial and what is not.

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