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Cloud Hosting

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Why choose cloud technologies for your hosting solution? Well, honestly, there are so many answers to that question that you can take your pick.

Just decide: what’s most important to you and your business objectives?

  • On-demand server resources?
  • Pay-for-what-you-use billing model?
  • Fluid, automated resource scalability?
  • Built-in redundancy features?
  • Cutting edge hosting capabilities?
  • Or all of the above?

Once you know what’s going to be the greatest game-changer for your online presence, it’s time to make a switch to a fully cloud-enabled solution or to adopt a hybrid solution that will maximize the benefits of traditional dedicated hosting while harnessing the elasticity of the cloud.

Countless major companies are renovating their hosting solutions to incorporate the benefits listed above, which are currently the trademark features of the cloud. Don’t be left in the dark ages of hosting. Start saving time and money and call us today to see how NetHosting can reinvent the way you host.

CWCS Launch Cloud Hosting

CWCS Managed Hosting has invested heavily, in the region of £100,000 in the setup of our cloud hosting and will continue to invest in the future to ensure that we can deliver the best possible cloud solution to our customers. The lightening fast CWCS Cloud, hosted on VMware vSphere HA with HP hardware is available on both Windows and Linux platforms and offers high availability, 100% uptime guarantee and no single point of failure.

Using the best virtualisation platform on the market – VMware, our highly intelligent cloud solution is self-healing with automatic failover, offering a resilient and redundant cloud solution for mission critical websites and applications.

Our public cloud allows you to have a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) in a multi-tenant environment which gives you the flexibility and freedom to scale your resources up or down depending on demand, ensuring your site or application can cope with any spikes in traffic, giving you a scalable solution at your fingertips.

For more complex hosting solutions, we can cater a private cloud environment to suit your business requirements. We can also configure a hybrid cloud solution if you require the best of both private/public platforms or if you want to use the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of the cloud, combined to produce a highly optimised hybrid solution.

Using the Hybrid Cloud solution, you can could host your webserver on a traditional dedicated server and your mail server in the cloud, or if could host a development area for testing in the cloud and your website or business application on a dedicated server. The beauty of Hybrid hosting is that you can configure the solution to meet your exact requirements.

CWCS Cloud Hosting has a range of server management options, all backed by 24/7 telephone and email support by experienced technical engineers based at our two privately owned data centres. We monitor all our systems and routinely upgrade the infrastructure, providing high availability and enabling you to scale resources instantly.

For more information on the CWCS Cloud or to request a Cloud Hosting quote, please contact our sales team on 0845 203 1000 or visit

CWCS Managed Hosting provide web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation hosting and cloud hosting to small and mendium businesses all over the world

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